Saturday, October 25, 2014

7 Down...7 To Go

We are halfway through the 14-hour marathon video gaming day.

I thought I'd change things up a bit with an old school Atari session.  Complete with a high score board and everything.

The kids are having a blast....and raising money at the same time.

It's really quite simple.

Three games were chosen to be games for the High Score Board.  Berzerk, Ms. Pac Man and Space Invaders were chosen.

The kids take turn playing.  They can choose any game they want (I've brought more than 20 over).  If they want to try for the High Score Board though, they have to not only play one of the three chosen games.....but put a quarter into the container.

They play......and if they get the high score, they put their name and score on the board.

Once the gaming is through, I'll take the names of the three high scorers and put them in a hat.  One name will be drawn and the winner will get a prize.

Sounds fun?  Well it is. 

And the best part.....all the quarters raised will be donated towards our $500 goal.

There's still time to donate.  Thanks for taking a moment to check in.

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