Wednesday, October 7, 2015


The puck has dropped on a new hockey season and that means the Kyle 4or Kids 50/50 NHL Knockout Pool has officially begun.

I just want to sincerely thank all of you who decided to participate.  I received 40 entries in total, some as an individual "one-off" and a few took the big plunge and went for the "5 for $20" option.  The 40 entries total $170 which means that $85 will be forwarded to the Kyle 4or Kids fundraiser.  All of that money will be going to the Alberta Children's Hospital.  THANK YOU!!!

NOTE:  I just did the currency conversion.  Ugh.  $85cdn=$65us  Better than nothing though.

That leaves the other $85 which is up for grabs starting tonight.

There were a number of people commenting that the first night was a tough one...and that held true big time.

So how did you all do?  About two-thirds of the entries have already been knocked out.  YIKES!!!  We might have a winner by the weekend if things continue this way.

14 entries remain.  

With seven games on tap Thursday, we are sure to lose a few more.

Stay tuned to this blog for daily updates until we crown a winner.

Thanks very much again for taking the time to participate.

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