Friday, October 16, 2015

50/50 KNOCKOUT POOL - Payment Made, Thank You Very Much, How About Another??

I made the trip out to drop off the winning funds from the hockey pool to the highly skilled winner.  Congratulations Dave.  Six for six...what can I say.

Actually, what I did say is "That went way too quick....I should do another".

And so, I think I will.

I'll have details on Monday, but it'll essentially be a "restart".  You can keep the picks you've already made (and therefore just pay the entry fee) or you can change your picks via the modified entry form (which will be made available Monday).  Either way, it'll be a second chance to prove your hockey IQ is tops.

And it'll be a second chance to raise some funds for the Alberta Children's Hospital.

With the donation made tonight, we are at 20% of our $700us goal.  An awesome start to this fundraising campaign.  Thank you all very much.

And.....make sure you stay tuned to this blog over the next week for yet another reason.  I'll give you a hint:


I'll have more details soon but what I can share is that I have received some spectacular gifts from various companies and organizations that will be passed along to YOU - the very generous donors out there who will make this fundraising effort a huge success.

We are gearing up for an epic video game marathon on Saturday, November 7.  Should be fun.

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  1. I couldn't have done it without that 5th entry! :-) The first 4 are always just for practice. Bring on round 2!