Friday, October 9, 2015

50/50 KNOCKOUT POOL - Day 3

Way to go Los Angeles.  Knocked almost everyone out with one fell swoop.

The Kings were easily defeated by the Arizona Coyotes and we lost 8 more entries in our 50/50 Knockout Pool.  I have a feeling we will be crowning a winner before the end of the long weekend.

Sorry guys for having you go though all that work filling out a month's worth of picks.  I guess a week's worth would have sufficed.

3 entries remain

And when I say 3 entries.....I really mean 2 people - since two of the entries remaining are from the same person.  It's head-to-head time.

And I can guarantee that we will not crown a winner tomorrow since all three chose Washington to win.  So I'll be back Sunday to update - and possibly announce a winner.'re still in.'ve got two left in the race.

Good luck guys.

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