Monday, October 12, 2015

50/50 KNOCKOUT POOL - We Have A Winner!!!

Well, I neglected to update things on Sunday because there was no winner - although we were knocked down to our final two.

Monday was the first true head-to-head night and it only took tonight's action to give us our final result.

Both Dave and Dan had gone 5-for-5 up to this point (an incredible task considering most didn't get past night one) and Dave's pick of the New York Islanders (his fave team) got him through one more time.

It was then up to Dan for the late game in which Vancouver met up with Anaheim.  He chose the Ducks....a solid choice - after all, they did get further in the playoffs last season and come in as the stronger team.

But you play the games for a reason.

The Canucks, led by stellar goaltending from Ryan Miller, held the game tied 1-1 through to a shootout.  Vancouver took the extra point and Dan was eliminated.

So it a hearty congratulations to Dave who is the winner of the $85 pot.  You will hear from me tomorrow regarding payment.

The other half of the total money will be donated to the Alberta Children's Hospital through Kyle's Extra Life donation page (which you can find on the right hand side of the screen).  And at the end of the day, that's the real winner.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to participate.  Had I'd known things would have progressed so quickly, I would have modified things a bit.  But I really appreciate each of you taking the time to fill out an entry (or in Dave and Dan's case - five).

Nicely done Dave!

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